Swank Pad Productions is a gathering place. Welcome to the new Tiki Collective.

Swanky has been collecting vintage goodness for over 30 years, many of his collections have been featured on websites, blogs, in magazines, in a calendar, and even discussed on radio podcasts. He contributed a large amount of images and video to the two documentaries coming out in 2012, "Plastic Paradise" and "The DVD of Tiki" as well as being featured in those projects for interviews. He can also be heard of THIS NPR national broadcast.

Over the years he has helped spur the resurgence of Polynesian Pop culture by producing and hosting numerous tiki related events across the country. Now he's taken to creating his own line of custom tiki products!

He's bringing it all together under one roof and introducing you to some of his favorite artists along the way!

COLLECTIVE col·lec·tive

1: denoting a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole
2: formed by collecting
3 a: of, relating to, or being a group of individuals
b: involving all members of a group as distinct from its individuals
4: marked by similarity among or with the members of a group
5: collectivized or characterized by collectivism
6: shared or assumed by all members of the group

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Swanky began turning his collections and interests into a website many years ago when the internet was a baby. The Swank Pad was born. Then he created the Grogalizer to help you manage the cocktail books of Beachbum Berry. He may be best known as co-creator and former organizer of the largest Tiki event in the East, Hukilau. He also writes for Tiki Magazine and started the first Tiki carving seminars, "Coon Tiki". He was named "Best Mixologist" by Metropulse magazine in 2009 and is head bartender at the Hapa Haole Hideaway in Knoxville. He is an expert on the history of the Mai-Kai and has done presentations on that history at Tiki Oasis and Hukilau. He is currently producing the “Mai-Kai Memories Series” of custom Tiki bowls.

Contact: swanky@swankpad.org  Follow on Facebook

Kristina Lucas Francis has been sculpting professionally for more than a decade. She designs for gift and toy manufacturers, and for her own limited editions. Her formal training consists of three apprenticeships, one in ceramics and two in commercial sculpture. She creates her original designs in modeling clay, makes her own molds, and completes each ceramic casting from pouring to glazing. Kristina is one of a very few artists who preserve the ceramic art form in its entirety, completing each step of the process herself. Recently, she has increased mug and Pug production with Paul's greenware cleaning help. Her drawings and sculptures are sought after by collectors of all ages; she enjoys making her work available to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Lucas Francis Studio

Mookie Sato is an Illustrator and graphic designer in Nakagyou, Kyoto Japan. He loves classic cartoons and toys, and the music of the 20's through the 60's. He has created many animations for TV, movies, computer games and more. He has designed video games for SEGA. His cartoons on on the Shockwave Japan site have been awarded the Grand Prize and stayed as the top of the viewers choices for months on end.

Mookie's designs were featured on the cover and throughout Swanky's Tiki Daze calendar, his artwork was also used for the 2010 Hukilau poster so, when the Mai-Kai contacted Swanky about their contest for a new logo design he sent the info to Mookie persuading him to enter the contest. Mookie's designs won and are now the new logo images for the Mai-Kai! We are happy to be debuting his artwork for the tiki community.

Mookie Sato

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